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Executive Team

Randy H. Trau – President and Chief Executive Officer

As primary founder of Mountain View Wholesale, Randy Trau brings a tradition of creative vision, enthusiasm, and commitment. Randy’s innovative leadership style has been a driving force to strategically position an organization for tremendous growth.
Such transformations were forged in his previous roles:

  • Director of Marketing of 13 Coca-Cola plants
  • 13 Years in Food Brokerage
  • Founding Owner of Unified Wholesale Group
  • Director of Domestic Sales for McLane Global

His successful long-term partnerships with retailers have engendered him with a skilled insight of the industry. In both domestic and international markets, Randy has been instrumental in maximizing loads and profits for our customers.

As Randy charges into the 21st Century, he has spearheaded Mountain View Wholesale to participate globally.

Randy’s unique sense of determination, work ethic, and spiritual devotion to a higher purpose has inspired him to succeed. Without his own opportunity for a formal college education, Randy is committed to influencing potential college students that all is possible.

Most of all, Randy has a desire to help others. Randy’s philosophy is “Often people must walk on the bridge of life while still building, not always certain where the bridge is going.”

Donald Nydam – Chairman of the Board

Don Nydam 2As Chairman of the Board of Mountain View Wholesale, Don is a driving force in the company, providing leadership, vision, and mentorship for the Executive Team.

Recognizing the need for inner-city colleges in America, Don prayed about how he could bring about change to help underserved young men and women. After forming and leading Community Christian College in Redlands, he is actively pursuing buildings and partners across America to bring more colleges to the locations of these students who have slipped through the cracks and dropped out of school.

As chairman and co-owner of Totally Kids, a hospital for children with special needs, Don’s mission is to help young patients and their families be as happy and normal as possible during long-term care living, and to make strides they never thought possible.

Don’s belief that God has a plan for everything we do has influenced his family, friends and church, and he has become a respected leader in the community.

By giving of himself and sharing with others, Don has made a difference for so many good things to happen in so many lives.

Mary Jones – Vice President and Secretary of the Board

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