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Mountain View Wholesale is more than a business venture.

It’s personal.

Founders Don Nydam and Randy Trau have brought our team together to pursue a higher purpose.

Our family of associates has come together driven by a desire to do something of value; to offer a better quality of life to the less fortunate. As individuals, and as a company, we believe that access to college is the key to helping inner-city youth.

That’s why we have used Ten Percent of our income to establish private community colleges across America and provide college education to less-advantaged students.

Community Christian College Graduating Class 2017


Pictured on far left: Don Nydam, Chairman of the Board Mountain View Wholesale and Founder Community Christian College
Pictured on far right: Randy Trau, President and CEO Mountain View Wholesale

Mountain View Wholesale’s team is proud to present Community Christian College’s graduating class of 2017. Our company supports Community Christian College (CCC) by donating a percentage of our profits to them, enabling CCC to provide college education to less-advantaged students.

A special thanks to our customers and trading partners, whose continued support of Mountain View Wholesale makes this possible.